Monday, August 15, 2005

There's no CRYING in baseball!

Well, after that little pityfest last night, I think I'm done. Yes, some things about life suck right now, and the suckage is guaranteed to continue in some form or another. However, I'll be damned if I'm going to into the "life's abysmal, might as well stay at home and moon about until I prove my point" girl I have no desire to become. Hell no! I can't promise that I'm going to be hunkydory, or that I won't feel the need to whine once in awhile, but that's that.

So, having shaken off the last external vestiges of moodiness, it's back to semi-normalcy. And guess what! North Dakota, the most forgotten state of all time, is actually in the news! Yes, even the most innocuous and boring outpost of our Great Nation is finding creative new ways to piss off the international community. You see:

Despite Canadian fears of contamination, North Dakota began pumping water on Monday from its Devils Lake floodlands into a system that leads eventually into a commercial fishery north of the U.S. border.

The U.S. diversion plan has been a diplomatic sore point because of Canadian concerns the water could pollute Manitoba's Lake Winnipeg, the world's 10th largest freshwater lake and home to a C$25 million fishery.

North Dakota says the water from Devils Lake, which has swallowed up 90,000 acres of land over 12 years of higher than normal precipitation, is safe. But Canada fears the land-locked lake contains high concentrations of salts and other pollutants along with foreign fish and organisms.

But see, it's okay, because according to the article, North Dakota's going to dump tons of rocks and gravel into their lake to keep the organisms from slipping across the border. 'Cause, you know, microscopic organisms could never get through the spaces between piles of rocks. And the sediment from said dumping of gravel would never wash down into fishery waters.

North Dakota: the "What the hell were you thinking when you moved here??" state


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