Monday, August 15, 2005

The joys of e-mail ettiquete

WARNING: this is an off-the-cuff rage with no lag time for me to catch my breath. Anyone mentioned in this e-mail should not actually fear being dismembered or immortalized on my desk in an odious dress -- but I still need to vent. You've been warned.


Oops. I don't think I was supposed to be on the receiving end of this e-mail:

"...the bridesmaid dresses she chose were hideous, and I will now be memorialized on her mantelpiece swathed in light blue satin yuck."

Don't think you need to worry about being on the mantle now, darling! If you want to spend three straight days of your time trying to find something nice AND affordable instead of doing what most brides do by having a know-nothing wedding planner order something ten times too expensive in an outrageous neon color, be my guest. Since I worked my ass off to keep people from paying a lot for their dresses -- and solicted the time of a few others to help me find a dress that wouldn't make everyone gag -- I am annoyed. Especially since I gave people the chance to nix it. Which they could have.

Look, people. When the other bridesmaid dresses in 9 (yes, count 'em: NINE) shops run the gamut from "torn up street person clothing" to "haute couture fluffy thing with tulle ribbons and runched fabric coming out the ears," well, do the bride a favor and cut her some slack!

I dearly love the person who wrote this, but it's good we live a little ways away from each other, just for the next half hour.


Anne in Seattle said...

Hi Meg!

Congrats! Which school are you going to?

Bridesmaids and dresses. There is no way to win. Sounds like you did your best!

One solution I saw a bride do recently was: "go find a black dress within these parameters (sleeve type, length, allowable sparkly quotient) and wear that."'

Best of luck!! P4PS Anne

Meg said...

Hey Anne! Glad to hear from you! :) Stay in touch - I'd love to keep you up-to-date on grad life.