Monday, August 15, 2005

Sound and Fury

So the e-mail was a misinterpretation of a misinterpretation. My friend is hereby exonerated, and I'm probably a bad person for writing anything in the first place. Or at least an impulsive one who should keep her conclusions to herself. I shall leave the post up for a warning about what can happen when the subtleties of communication are lost via the joys of modern technology. And never fear, my picture of the bridesmaids is on the mantle where it belongs and would have remained, regardless of any dress disagreements. Seriously, it's probably a good thing the world leaders don't hold strategic forums with each other by e-mail -- can't you see Kim Jong Il nuking the entire western hemisphere because Dubya makes some grammatical faux paux without realizing its implications?

1 comment:

Bryan said...

Bryan's 4:30 a.m. contribution:

W: Hey...hey, Crazy Kim! Are you...disassembling...'bout them nukular Weapons of Mass Destruction?

CK: Rye of course not, Resident Bush! No disassembring here!

W: Good, good. As long as there's no dis-ass-(sound it out...)-em-bling goin' on (that means tellin' a fib, or so my Big Word of the Day calendar says), I suppose you can still play with my Star Wars Episode III Legos.

CK: Repair to die, rowry scum!!!

[to be continued...]