Tuesday, August 02, 2005

There shall be much wailing and gnashing of teeth

Hurrah for the potential downfall of Bill Frist, who hath invoked the wroth of his evangelical keepers. He's basically been univited from the Justice Sunday II gathering, even though it's held in his own state. Bill made the mistake of thinking that they were his handmaidens, rather than the other way around -- and now, surviving his term will be more difficult than keeping pork out of the energy bill. You know you're in trouble when Focus on the Family and the Family Research Council warn there will be hell to pay -- 'cause they're not kidding. That's capital "H" hell they're talkin' 'bout. Those "reprecussions" FRC promised after Frist pledged his support to stem cell research? They'll be in the form of holy hand grenades.

The saintly model of moral integrity, Rep. Tom DeLay, shall make the keynote address in Dr. Frist's absence.

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