Friday, August 12, 2005

The girl's got a hole in her head

Well, it took me six years, but I finally did it. I'm now the semi-proud owner of a shiny metallic barbell protruding from my eyebrow, a piercing I've considered since college began. Anyone who thinks this could be related tangentially to my post about tattoos, well, don't remind me. I like to think this was an entirely impulsive event with no plausible cause and that I am far too mature and secure in myself to rebel against authority like that...erm...

Anyway, it doesn't look half bad, and I've only received two negative reactions so far. The second was the funniest. I was in an electronics store yesterday and I accidentally dislodged one of their digital cameras from its security clamp; a siren the pitch of an air raid horn started wailing throughout the entire camera section. Luckily, a nearby employee watched me bump it, so he knew I wasn't trying to run off with any merchandise. However, a pair of elderly women walked past, looked me up one way and down the other (taking in the tattoos, the multiple earrings and the piercing), and then one said suspiciously, "What did you do?"

Being the mature, self-confident woman that I am, I contemplated a range of possible options/actions to take, then settled for a malignant smirk. It's a good thing they don't admit you into graduate school on the basis of your social skills.