Monday, November 06, 2006

Proving why Virginia should perhaps be drummed out of the Union

Please, please read this article. Then, go join the ACLU.

An excerpt, discussing Ohio, which has a law in place like the one which Virginia may enact tomorrow:

In two appellate courts, judges have struck down the state's domestic-violence law, which protects against battery from a "family member, spouse or a person living as a spouse." The courts found, not unreasonably, that the words "living as a spouse" give an unconstitutionally marriagelike status to unmarried couples.

So, is it safe to say that the voters, legislature and judges of Ohio, as well as potentially those of Virginia, believe that:

1) If you are an unmarried hetero couple, you are immoral; therefore
2) You deserve whatever you get, including having your ass beat by your abusive partners; and
3) We are under no obligation whatsoever to protect your unrepentant selves (see 1).

Are you still convinced that gay marriage issues only matter to gays?

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