Wednesday, November 29, 2006

proof (?) that leggings aren't the spawn of Satan

Look, when you live in the UK, you either purchase leggings or you have people mutter about you behind your back, or even to your face. ("I'd never wear what she's wearing!") So, I admit it: I caved. I caved knowing that I don't have the right skirt or ballet flats (aka, feet-destroyers) to pull it off, but I went willingly nonetheless...(I'm sorry, billygean! I know you hate them.)

...and the problem is, I kinda like it. So be honest: how bad is this? I wore them out in public already, so you're too late to save me there -- but you can save me from doing it again. Although, I warn you: the brown houndstooth with the green shirt? That's pure me, baby. It stays.

See what England does to you?


Kelli said...

Ummm... sweetie... we're going to have to go shopping for more than just shoes over break I'm afraid. What the hell have they done to you over there!?! ;)

Meg said...

Hey hey, that outfit of mine is a Seattle tried-and-true. :) You're stuck with it. The leggings, I'm sure, must go. ;)

CB said...

Whatever. I like it. Of course, I'm also developing a fondness for smoke-stained teeth, high nasal voices, and froufy (sp?) 80's hairdos. Oh God, it's Twisted Sister...ahhh!!!!!

Seriously, though, I'd drop my best pickup line on that girl. "So, do ya like stuff?"

Anonymous said...

Um...leggings? When I was in New York this summer, I noticed this trend and hoped that it would either die quickly or be confined to that off-kilter city alone. Alas, my little sister confirmed that leggings are all the rage in Seattle. And now you confirm that they are in England, too. When will the insanity end?

Although I must express some admiration for the fact that your skirt is long enough to be decent on its own. Far too often the sole function of leggings seems to be to cover one's underwear from hanging out the bottom of the mini-skirt.

But I do love the shoes. Seriously. They rock.

kerrianne said...

You look cute! I say "leggings are A-OK." : )

Meg said...

Alas, Stanford bud, I'm afraid that the leggings might have started here...we saw them early, early this year, along with the denium miniskirt which does not conceal the wearer's rear and the Ugg boots. Tres sexy. I like the shoes, too -- they're Sketchers, actually!

Thanks, kerianne. :) Glad you dropped by. said...

*clears throat*

*doesn't bother*


Meg said...

Oh no! I didn't know if you actually read this blog.

*cowering in shame*

I shall burn them in your honor on New Year's. ;) said...

*communicating in all mediums with meg!*

Are you as bored as me? This is the only way I can explain how we're having semi-instant blogger comment conversations!

Okay, you give them up for new year and I will try them!

Meg said...

Me, bored? Never! ;)

Do you ever hit that stage with academic work and/or life where you find it's easier to dawdle online, thinking about what you *should* be doing, rather than actively *doing* anything?

Besides, almost-real-time conversations are much more interesting than packing suitcases or editing resumes.

You're on for New Year's. ;) said...

It's true. What was/is your phd going to be in? I did an english degree and would not have it in me to stay in that academia. I quite like academic law tho... much more simple than in real life with real clients!

Excellent - perhaps would be easier for me to buy your tights off you!

Meg said...

I did an English degree, too, and I actually did love it -- but I felt the same way about going further with it. Couldn't see myself being happy at 60 if all I'd done was analyze the same bits of Faulkner novels over and over again...although sadly, I might enjoy it if I could ignore nagging concerns about how I was really contributing to the world.

My PhD was going to be in Geography (water policy), but a research master's convinced me that I can't do academics for life. I've thought about law quite a bit, but right now I am leaning towards a degree that some schools offer called a Master's in Marine Affairs (or Marine Policy, etc). It's a professional degree, like law, so much more practical. Plus, PhDs take so long in the States that I just can't imagine enduring one.

Oh, and I did environmental studies as a sort of not-quite-double-major at my uni, which is why I could do geography at all. I have a very random life.

I bet practicing law will be quite fun once you get the hang of it. No more evil textbook-writing profs, anyway. ;) said...

Wow we're similar. I felt the same; not contributing to the real world if you're analysing whether hemingway meant to be post-modern or post-structuralist, when hemingway himself probably didn't know. or care.

I forget how you found my blog?!

I do love law. Sad but true - shipping law is quite cool (now i know about boats). If you are me, you'll like the professional degree, it feels like such a release, to do something relevant and also applicable, so you can be annoying and point out the nuances of commercial law (shopping law!) to bored friends...

ps. don't our blogs look comment-popular!

PPS. third attempt at letter recognition

Meg said...

Yes, that was always part of my problem. Faulkner wrote almost everything drunk, so I'm not sure how interested he'd be in my ecocritical takes on the stories in "Go Down, Moses."

I can't actually remember how I found it, either...might have been a comment you left on Dooce? Might have been random luck?

I am looking forward to that kind of academics. I think you're right: it sounds like what I've been missing. I'd hoped this year would be more like that, which it was to some extent (fieldwork with *real* people). Most of it, however, was the same old sitting in musty libraries engaging in theoretical arguments that no one outside the discipline would ever read.

Shipping law sounds kind of interesting, but I'm weird. Commercial law must be massive! Do they do domestic and international in the same bit? Law school's different in the UK than the US, I think -- we have three years where you study three or four subjects per term, but there's no one sponsoring you (not normally, anyway), and I think you don't specialize until the last bit. How did you decide what you wanted to study as "your" area? Seems like there are so many choices! (Oh, if you actually have to work, just ignore these questions until later.)

I hate word verification, but there's no other way to block the spam. I should look into designing my own site and figuring something out, I guess.

If you want the tights, let me know! They're in good shape, and I can mail them to you from the States when I get home (I think I packed them). said...

Haha okay mail the tights ;) will give you addy in a private email, probably best!

Commercial law is massive. What I'm doing is a conversion course, hence it's boiled down, because everyone ends up so specialised that it seems pointless to go into the (largely theoretic and moral) nuances of a law degree.

This means we don't do areas like "shipping" but the foundations, so "contract", "land" etc. This means I have a reasonable knowledge of all aspects of contract law, and in this read commercial cases and contracts, some shipping and then apply. Seems easy enough, and then learn on the job I guess!

Because of the conversion's price, and because lawyers recruit two years in advance usually, you have to get the job before you do the course (go figure). Then I do LPC next year (like a practititioner's course), then job. I had to pick corporate/commercial law cos they're the only ones that fund. Who knows what to do - see where it takes me. Like criminal, but pay's crap!

Meg said...

Wow, that's so different. I'm always amazed by how the systems vary between countries. I think I probably would have flunked out of undergrad systems here -- I was too scattered to know what I wanted to do until halfway through college! The program you're in sound really intense, but at least it's shorter, and it does make a lot of sense to organize it that way.

Okay, last post for now so you can cook and I can try to close my #(%*% bank account. Sounds good on the tights. :) Lovely chatting with you!