Tuesday, November 07, 2006

It ends tonight

(we hope)

(we especially hope the Dems have a plan after the celebration parties)

...At least, it should end tonight. However, indications are that today's just business as usual in the wonderful world of dirty politics. (Scroll down the pages for posts on election-related problems around the country.) The phone call-instigated voter intimidation in Virginia is reportedly under federal investigation. Electronic machines are going haywire in several states -- apparently, elections officials didn't think it would be prudent to check the machines (and learn how to use them) before the morning of the big vote...which means many people are reportedly waiting in line for an hour only to leave or risk being late for work.


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Thailand Gal said...

We had trouble with the electronic machines this morning ~ and the good news is that no one left. All hung in there until they were fixed. I hope this is an indication of the determination and will of people to get rid of... you know who!


Thailand Gal