Thursday, July 28, 2005

One of THOSE days

Make that one of Those weeks. I'm in a terrible mood right now, alternating between "turn on the waterworks" and "kick the crap out of whatever's available." Right now, I think I'd prefer the latter. This whole summer has been an exercise in frustration: I start out with simple personal goals, accomplish none of them, scale them back, continue to accomplish nothing, and so forth. I can't even spend time with people I care about because our schedules have all gone to hell. Add in one uncomfortable bike mishap (ah, the joys of striking one's seat with great force), and I'm liable to wither anyone who makes eye contact.

I took a long walk tonight after sunset, trying to clear my head. Part of me wanted to keep walking, to see where I wound up when dawn broke over the Sound. Running away from my problems never sounded so good. I also thought about going to a bar for a few drinks, but being solo is never a great idea, particularly since I'm likely to put a pool cue through anyone who says anything smart right now. Somehow, I don't think the Gates people would appreciate if if I skewered a lewd member of society. Kelli got it right: half of me is thrilled about what lies ahead, and the other half couldn't be more dejected. Self-imposed schizophrenia: I wouldn't recommend it.

Grumble. Sorry to be the grinch of the evening. Hopefully, things will improve...sometime? At least until then, I can watch my Daily Show highlights.

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Kelli said...

Yay Daily Show! :) Somehow, this is all going to be ok. Don't know how yet, but it will :) Maybe we can all meet up for an amazing, melt-away-tension, trip to Paris.. where we'll have nothing to do but look at amazing centuries old art, and eat tons of oh-so-delicious chocolate :)