Monday, July 25, 2005

Back in the atmosphere

Just got back last night from a trip down to Eugene to bid adieu to my best bud, Kelli. Have I mentioned how much I hate saying goodbye to people? It's a punch to the gut that no one should have to experience...She's off to Kansas, and I'm off to Cambridge -- so begins a long series of conversations via AIM and e-mail. I don't know if any other farewells will be more difficult: Bryan and I will see each other a few times per month, and I know my family will be able to see me at least twice per year...but this is my best friend, my sister and my confidante, the one who's always stood by me, even when I've done some ridiculously stupid things. I can't imagine being so far from her. Maybe that's why I didn't want to let go when we hugged in the driveway, holding back tears and trying not to let our voices crack too much. I know it will be okay; right now it's anything but.

It was a long drive back to Seattle.

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