Monday, July 11, 2005

The jitters arrive...

The computer is being shipped, the plane tickets have been purchased...well, almost -- as soon as I convince my credit card company that my Visa hasn't fallen into the hands of a thief. I can just imagine the phone conversation: "No, I actually do need to use the full limit on my credit card. Yes, I know I've only used it to purchase small, useless items from the university bookstore, and that I've suddenly maxxed it out in three days."

The nerves have kicked into high gear.

One thing I didn't think about was the logistics of staying at an all-women's college. Where, oh where, will my husband be showering when he visits me for several days at a time? Couldn't tell ya'. Possibly my sink, maybe the hostel down the road...we're working out the kinks with the accomodations people right now.

I never pondered important matters like that because I was too busy panicking about next year's funding. I've decided that the only way I'll stop agonizing over it is if I have that part of my brain lobotomized. Since the odds of that seem unlikely, I'm doomed to grow ulcers and stress myself to death by the age of 25.

There are perks, however, to being in Europe for a few years. Their names are Ryanair and Easy Jet. For kicks last night, I decided to see how much it would cost to fly to Barcelona for Thanksgiving. Ryanair mulled my request and spit out a range of prices, the highest of which was SIX POUNDS. (The equivalent of $10 or $11)

Holy hell. Maybe Bryan won't mind showering in the sink when he finds out he can visit anywhere in Europe for the price of a movie ticket.

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