Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Okaaay, maybe it IS time for me to leave the country

You know your state is screwed up when, in 2005, a senator is fighting to pass a law banning bestiality.

Apparently, she sprang to action after incidents that took place in Enumclaw (oh, how that town now loathes the sound of its own name). I'll let you read the article to learn the details; in short, a man died after being kicked in the groin by a horse while he was...well, you know...You can also read Seattle Times columnist Nicole Broeder's remarks on the whole affair, which pretty much encapsulate it all. Why would anyone want to read? For the same reason that the story is the most e-mailed article of the week among our local papers: because part of us just can't believe it's true, and the rest of us has to know what the hell happened!

It's also a bit alarming to learn that 17 states accept bestiality; several others (including Rick Santorum's home state) outlaw it but fail to delineate specific penalties if one is caught in the act.

Suddenly, those empty suitcases in my room are just begging to be packed.

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