Thursday, April 28, 2005

Ode to excess

Okay, it's not really an ode - frankly, I am embarrassed by the amount of crap I've managed to accumulate in 24 brief years. We're in the midst of a substantial move - trying to downsize so we can store our possessions in Snohomish and Wenatchee until we return from England - and I can't stop finding things to pack. I have thrown out boxes and boxes of papers, created a giveaway pile the size of a small hippo, and still I have STUFF everywhere!

The worst part is that FH and I don't have much compared to other people our age. We don't have a lot of gadgets (our most high tech television object is a DVD player - no Tivo, no video games, no real DVDs), nor do we have a ton of clothes...our books are our heaviest shackles, and I've even cut out two shelves' god, it never ends!! This is what being an American means: having more stuff than anyone on the planet, yet finding it almost impossible to downsize beyond a certain point...gaaaaaaah!

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