Tuesday, April 26, 2005

In which I discover the savory taste of power

Ahhh, power. Today I suddenly discovered the perks of being in control as I began to train my new replacement at work. That stack of papers I've frantically been trying to find time to file? Now, they're just great training opportunities for the newbie! Heh heh...I love it :) I should probably abuse this newfound authority while I have it, but I know how it feels to be at the bottom of the ladder with maniacal supervisors pouring hot tar over the rungs. For anyone from work who might read this, that lovely image is from an old fast food job in high school, the kind everyone slogs through while vowing that they will never ever ever force anyone to do this kind of demeaning, degrading scut work again. So, in deference to all those broom-pushing, chicken frying KFC workers, I will be a kind and gentle semi-supervisor for the two weeks in which I have this position.

But I promised myself I wouldn't blog about work, even though it's oh-so-tempting. I don't want to be drummed out of the office like my favorite semi-professional blogger, although I don't think I could come up with that much to say. Generally, I like my co-workers -- they are a dark, cynical pack, but they are also incredibly supportive and compassionate. I'll miss 'em.

On a different note, what is it that causes even tomboy girls like my best friend and I to hang our prom dresses in the closet and leave them there forever?? I just rediscovered mine this weekend when I was cleaning out my room. Now, seriously: what the hell am I going to do with a size 0 prom dress that I couldn't zip up unless I removed most of my ribcage? And yet I felt a pang of sorrow when I decided that it had to go. So weird. I tell ya, I'm giving up my prom garb, but the wedding dress shall hang in my closet for all eternity. It will become a relic for deep sea archaeologists to rediscover in 1000 years after all the ice caps have melted and sent Seattle to the bottom of the ocean. For now, I'm donating my dresses to Cinderella's Trunk - a cool place that recycles prom dresses for gals who can't afford the outrageous prices. I'd post the link, but my internet provider is being incredibly stupid right now. Please, if you do this, be sure your dresses are in good shape: no sweat stains or tears. I'm amazed at some of the stuff our clients find at clothing banks: people, if you won't wear it because it's too ugly or because it has a hole the size of a football in it, why would you expect someone else to? Just a thought.


Kelli said...

Well, at least you wouldn't wear yours again because it's too small. My winter formal dress from one of the years I wouldn't wear again because it's this hideous green color that I can only imagine choosing at the time during a temporary moment of insanity. And yet it's still in my closet. Weird what memories will trick your mind into keeping :)

Meg said...

Lol...I think I remember liking that dress - of course, I haven't seen it in forever! I have a really interesting purple one with silver threads running through it that looks like, well, something from space.