Thursday, April 26, 2007

Sometimes you have to roll the hard six

You know, there's nothing like driving all the way to the 'Couv (and I'm not talking the nice northern neighbor) for a third round job "interview" that's been presented as a mere formality on the way to hiring...only to slog through three hours of traffic to find that it's very much a real interview because "We're interviewing at least 10 candidates!"

Fuck. This.

It's just the kind of morale booster I need, really. I burn through gas money and a hotel stay -- because of course the interview couldn't be at a time that would allow me to avoid rush hour traffic or crazy early driving -- and then learn that not only am I still very much needing to fight for this job, but I also may have to come back for a FOURTH round. Four interviews? People, you are not that important. Please consider creating an inter-office hiring panel, because unemployed people like me are really having trouble making ends meet as it is, without the gas and the food and the overnight.

The worst part is that I really want this job, and I actually felt cautiously optimistic until I showed up today and encountered an intense interview I wasn't expecting. Maybe this is what I get for telling my family not to get their hopes up, since anything can happen. Well, it did happen. I am seriously depressed right now. While I'm told by former college advisors that this extended period of unemployment is "perfectly normal" for recent grads, it doesn't make me feel better. I never thought I'd have to live at home for more than a month, and while I know I should be grateful for being able to (and I am, at least in brighter moments), it's killing me. I take care of myself. That's always been something I've been very proud of, and it's been taken away from me. Maybe some of those temp agencies will call me back. Sigh. I was so down when I returned this afternoon that I resorted to watching Leaving Las Vegas just to feel better about my own life. It almost worked, until I realized I was watching Leaving Las Vegas just to feel better about my own life. Damn the man.


Anna said...

Hang in there babe! The tide, she is a turning, I can FEEL it!


SUEB0B said...

It isn't personal. Corporate America has all these procedures...sigh.

My worst was when I showed up for a low-paying supermarket job (at Whole Foods, though) to find out that -Surprise- I was being gang-interviewed by 10 people. It was insane. I did not do well, by my standards, and thankfully they hired someone else.

Anonymous said...

It could be worse, I knew someone who was applying to google and had to go through over 10 rounds of the application process

BIL said...

Oh sweetie *hugs* I am at home for the next three months (yes living with M didn't go well), so I know exactly how you feel.

Big schnuggles.
If you want to chat,, i am v good at replying!


ecogrrl said...

Thanks, ladies.

Many, many hugs, BG. I may take you up on that soon. Sorry about your move -- please do email me, too, if you need to chat as well. Things are bound to improve for both of us.