Friday, April 06, 2007

Sitting, waiting, wishing

Some days, all you need is a warm spot in the sun and a book for company.

Although the presence of a certain spouse of mine wouldn't hurt, either.

Not much to report. I'm still searching for environmental work, and am applying for entry-level jobs in my new field, as well. I just received an email from a new job gatekeeper (e.g., HR Department personnel) informing me that they'd received my application; I should receive word on a job within two to three months. I was feeling pretty good about this job until I talked to a friend who'd applied for it last time -- he said they received over 200 applications, and he didn't even get an interview.

Fortunately for me, the sun is supposed to linger for another day or two, which provides me with enough time to completely forget what my friend said.


Kristy said...

So, are you going to give us any hints about what this new field is???

Kid Sis said...

Yikes! Hang in there.