Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Random thoughts from an overworked mind

Dear God, Jamie Bamber is hot.

The fact that King County makes you fill out 9 .pdf pages for an entry-level job is a good indication of just how sadistic government can become unchecked. Seriously, don't you people have better things to do than make me sweat over my computer for three hours, swearing as I reformat text boxes that somebody put in the wrong place?

Both husband and I went running in our respective countries today. Both of us made sure to run until we were feeling slightly ill, which in our minds indicates a good workout. Clearly, both of us are insane. Distance does not appear to be fixing this shared affliction.

Any ideas on how to convince well-meaning family that maybe it's not such a good idea to have a dog with my name, even if it did come that way?

Career guides make it all sound so easy. They are liars.

No, I mean Jamie Bamber is REALLY hot. I cannot deny reality.

This whole two-year drought thing is going to be a problem.

The husband, although he cannot conceive of it now, is maybe possibly going to be sorry by the second day home. The neighbors might be sorrier.

I cannot believe I just wrote that.

Let alone that I am going to post it. The blogosphere really is a bad influence on us all.

I am definitely getting rid of all references to my real name tonight. And hoping all family members stopped reading months ago.

(But Jamie? Still hot.)


Anonymous said...

I have only known one person with my name and three dogs and I didn't meet the person until this year. One of the dogs belonged to my neighbors as a kid and when my mother would call me home, she would always say the dog came better than the kid. Another dog belonged to the family of my best friend's wife and she admitted to me that she had a hard time resisting calling my name over and over, in that "cute" little voice reserved for babies and pets. So I don't know if you have anything to complain about. I have had to deal with this sort of stuff my whole life.


ecogrrl said...

Oh lord, the family does still read the blog. Hi, family!

If we adopted a dog or cat now, and it had your name, I'd definitely change it. Our old greyhound didn't mind going from Charlie to Major when we adopted him. I think as long as they're being fed, they'll let you do just about anything. His highness excluded, of course.

Coalescent Boy said...

Seriously, BIL, it is pretty annoying. Can't you get MIL to call it 'Meatball' or 'Chopped Liver' or 'Hot Tub' or something?

Anonymous said...

I would consider an honor to have a dog named after me! After all, she is adorable - even the groomer said so today. Some have even said that no one or no thing gets treated better than a Howie dog - unless it is a very special red-footed tortoise!


Kristy said...

The only provocative thing you wrote here is a mention of a King County job application. Please, say it ain't so. I used to work on the county dime. The job application wasn't even the half of it. If you pass that level, you are rewarded with the interview level. And then the audition level. And so on and so on like some demented role-playing video game.

Save yourself.

Before it's too late...

ecogrrl said...

Seriously? Augh. It's like they want you to hate them before you start working there.