Wednesday, April 18, 2007

And now, a little lighthearted rebellion

C'mon, peeps, how can you not vote for that guy on American Idol (the one with the hair and the not-so-much singing) when the site advocating for him gets great fan mail like this?

I was so mad Wednesday night when they announced that Sanjaya was not in the bottom three and therefore NOT GOING HOME THIS WEEK that I was shaking and in a flood of emotional rage caused by this STUPID website and the people that keep voting for Sanjaya I threw my glass of coke at my FREAKING BRAND NEW 65" HD TV and NOW IT DOESN'T WORK. So now not only is Sanjaya still on American Idol for another week, thanks to you jerks, I can't even watch the show and the TV warranty won't cover the damage from what I did. THIS SITE CAUSED THIS PROBLEM SO YOU SHOULD PAY FOR A NEW TELEVISION, which should not be a problem since you are making so much money by trying to ruin American Idol. Please email back and tell me how you want to pay for the TV. I have not been able to sleep since Wednesday and I don't think I will be able to until you pay for what you did and Sanjaya is kicked off the show. Please do the right thing and help me.


Listen we were talking about vote for the worst at my Bible class (my teacher is a huge american idol fan) and you people are the spawn of satan. you all are stopping melinda dolitle from a million dolars. she is a wonderfull person who cares about everything like God and Jesus and u people are stopping her from winning. sanjaya is a evil satan worshipper who doesnt beleive in God and he will go to hell JUST LIKE YOU PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO GO AWAY AND DONT EVER COME BACK.

C'mon, fellow spawns of Satan. Please do the right thing and help me take this show to new heights by letting those judges know what we really want: an end to this fraking nightmare that's inhabited my television for far too long. Now, if I only had the slightest understanding of how to vote for anyone; I just tried and failed, so I guess I'll have to use my satan-worshipping skills to fix the voting machines this time.


SUEB0B said...

Man, I don't have a TV and thus haven't been involved in this craziness, but if it is causing people to kill 65 inch TV sets, well I may have to go vote.

Funny ass shit.

ecogrrl said...

I know, I've never watched a show...but this? This almost makes me cave -- although not quite.

Coalescent Boy said...

I laughed so hard reading this that I pissed my pants. Then, as I danced my happy Sanjaya dance on top of the coffee table, some of my wizz dripped onto my laptop and shorted it out. Then, after I cursed Jesus for indirectly screwing up my computer, God made me slip in a puddle of my own pee and bruise my arse.

So, the check's in the mail, right?

SUEB0B said...

I came back here to comment on my new Fit (I love having a Fit every day!! That is my lame joke) so's to be sure you'd get it.

Runs great, feels a little light and jittery after the big Forester with the 4WD and big Michelins. Of course it has been windy as hell here since I bought it a week ago. I mean 30 mph winds every day. Gets up to freeway speed quickly, goes up huge hills no problem. I tend to drive 65 or under to save on gas, so I don't know how it is at high speeds.

They are very popular and the dealers aren't really dealing. It's more like "If you want it, you'll pay what we're asking." So there is that. There were no Cars Directs selling them in my area, even when I included all of So Cal.

They aren't making the Scion I liked so much - the Xa - anymore. Or apparently the Xb either, which I can't figure because every second 20-something has one.

Storage - there is plenty of space because you can configure the seats every which way. The back seats fold down OR up to make a large flat cargo space or a big deep cargo space. It is utterly cool.

I bought mine because of gas mileage and am currently getting 31 overall - I drive 2/3 freeway, 1/3 town, but am stuck in traffic for half an hour every afternoon at about 30 mph or less. And it has been windy, so I am hoping for maybe 34 overall.

You can email me at snackishblogATyahoo with anything else you want to know. Go test drive one - they are fun!