Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?

Or not. Here's the latest sonnet from a personal poet:

"You're like, fuckin' Cinderella an' shit."

I guess I deserve it for being daft enough to talk to wood mice.


Anonymous said...

MEG!!!! Good luck tomorrow! i hope i am on time! If this thesis is a presentation, I know you will do superb! If it's just handing in the thesis type of deadline, then you have already done your job writing and rewriting it! We are all here for you! Hope you will be able to take a bit of a break after tomorrow and get yourself back together. Any plans coming to Seattle? I am actually going to be there from Aug 31-Sept 3rd, and I am TOTALLY excited about it. I haven't been there since your wedding! Otherwise, everything is fine over here in NY. Missing you both very much! GOOOOOO MEEEEEGGGGGGGG!!!!!!! (Serine)

esposo said...

A Haiku:

Mice made your dress, dear
Cinderelli! Don't look now...
Creatures may talk back.

Meg said...

Hey you!!! Thanks. How are you? I miss you! I won't actually be home until December (crap), but I hope we'll see each other soon one way or another. Maybe we can at least talk by phone over the holidays?

Much love!