Sunday, August 13, 2006


Oh hooray. With less than two weeks to go, I have contracted some sort of malicious summer flu. My throat hurts. I can't breathe. My ears appear to have developed an airtight seal which makes my head hurt but still allows my incredibly annoying housemate's voice to boom down from upstairs.

I am very grumpy and easily annoyed. If I were the housemate, I'd pick up on my murderous vibes and tone it down...of course, that implies that my housemate has a self-preservation instinct. Judging by the year's worth of housekeeping atrocities, I'd say that's definitely not the case.


Auglaise said...

Feel better soon!

In commiseration, my body decided to be allergic to something. I got little red itchy bumps and then i blew up like a pufferfish. So I spent the last 4 days looking like a freak, and now the drugs the oh-so-unhelpful NHS have given me make me fall asleep and work and slightly loopy!

Meg said...

Thanks :)

Man, don't get me started on NHS. I have a really long diatribe post about them that I haven't published yet...maybe soon.

Good luck with the allergies. Did you get one of those awesome five or 10 minute appointments where the doctor asks about three questions before writing a prescription and kicking you out the door? I never thought I'd miss our crappy healthcare system!