Monday, August 14, 2006

Fending off the wolves

In a delerium-induced dream, I was forced to interview for a job while surrounded by pointy-teethed, hissing versions of my old advisor and a boss I haven't seen in at least four or five years.

Sadly, I get the impression that finding a job here may be more difficult than confronting suddenly-rabid ex-advisors. I am actually putting off my final thesis edits because they will signify the official end of my program, or the point at which I am expected to find real work here. Of course, only Nobel Peace Prize-winning non-citizens are interviewed for positions here, let alone hired...maybe I could convince them with sheer pathetic humility? Somehow, I thought getting a second degree in something besides English would *improve* my employment outlook, rather than detract from it. Alas, now I seem to be slipping out of the realm of "overqualified admin assistant" to "highly overqualified but utterly useless coffee shop table busser." Who knew graduate school could provide such benefits?

Sorry. Too sick to be clever lately. Will resume intelligent postings (remember those?) when things improve.

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