Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Descending into the bowels of nerdiness

After spending the last six or seven weeks in my room (sad but true), my descent into geekdom was inevitable. Today's highlight? Figuring out how to convert my spiffy demographics table from a Word table into a PDF so I could shrink it down in Photoshop.

Hey, I have barely been out of the house this summer. Don't judge me!

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Anonymous said...

The bowels of nerdiness, eh? Sounds kind of dirty...

But take heart, you will not have reached the true depths of nerdiness until you manage to accidentally sit on your glasses and have to literally tape them together while you work until you find time to get them fixed. Not that I have any experience with this at all...

~ sweating to death in NY and dreaming of WA

PS: I have an interview with a lady who works at the VA hospital here for Rolex tomorrow -- she seems really great, so I'm excited. Thanks for all of your help!