Thursday, June 16, 2005

Someone stop the madness!

We are seven days away from the wedding *insert SHRIEEEEK of sheer, unabated terror here*. Let me try that again without the shriek.


That didn't improve things.

Yesterday, we moved into the house we'll be watching for an old professor until August 1st. We're back in Seattle, which makes me incredibly happy. Things which do not make me incredibly happy: trying to make my own music playlist for the reception. At this point, guests had better appreciate the blood and sweat that went into our efforts to balance mellow with lively, eating music with dancing tunes, and sweet with sexy -- or else I will kill them with my own bare hands and the heels of my tango shoes.

Maybe not kill. But at least terrorize them until they dance like they were born to shake their groove thangs.

Anyway, the house is amazing. It's a bungalow-style home with hardwood floors in every room (perfect for sliding into the refrigerator at full speed when I forget the perils of wearing socks on polished pine). We have more than one floor for the first time in six years!!! We even have a real yard, complete with real, outdoor plants. It's enough to make FH and I hope that the professor permanently relocates to Firenze instead of coming home. If we barricade the doors with all of their lovely furniture, they might give up and leave.

Speaking of, there isn't a single piece of furniture in this house that one can find in an Ikea catalog. I can feel the shackles of poor studentdom slipping off my wrists. The kitchen boasts an honest-to-god gas convection oven; suddenly I'm overcome with domestic urges to whip out the baking pans and go to work. I walked to the hardware store, the drug store and a bridal shop today without breaking a sweat. Who knew heaven could be found in temporary home ownership? It makes me long for a place of our own, which we are determined to obtain despite the exorbitant prices in Seattle. I'd settle for a hovel with a hole in the room if it had a small yard and a street of shops nearby. Sigh...someday.

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