Sunday, June 19, 2005

And now, another brilliant stratagem by your elected officials

"If you ignore it, it might go away."

The G8 meeting promises to be another dismal nadir in American foreign policy. Recent leaks to the media suggest that our government isn't happy with a document on climate change. Among the phrases to which they object: "Our world is warming."

Yeah. 'Cause that's so frickin' controversial -- oh wait, unless you live ANYWHERE besides the United States! Why don't we ask Kenya what they think, since Mt. Kilimanjaro's glacier has turned into slush? Or maybe Tuvalu would like to weigh in, if they're not too busy with the relocation of their entire country to New Zealand?

Methinks Greenpeace, a group with whom I do not always agree, sums it up best: "[the document is] a mush of warm words carefully crafted by civil servants to make sure no one is committed to anything."

It's just embarrassing. Our own oil companies recognize the need to shift away from oil and to rely on cleaner fossil fuel technologies. Heck, our Republican governor of California is pushing for strict emissions controls! But none of that shall sway the impenetrable fortress of GeorgeTown!

If we want to tackle global warming before it's too late (and the hour is nigh), we should probably start with the hot air coming out of the White House.

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