Sunday, May 06, 2007

Working on a post...

about women and horror films. For now, a random photo of the SAM, which re-opened yesterday in all its glory. (Bad lighting, bad!)

Favorite room? The Aboriginal Australia section, which houses a strong collection of contemporary work, video diaries from the artists, and a selection of funerary art with big, bold disclaimers stating that the exhibits were not taken without permission. Yay, SAM. Compared to the lovely British Museum ("Yes, we have your Marbles, and no, you can't have them back!"), it's refreshing. Haven't checked out other rooms to see if the claim holds true elsewhere. Also, the Jacob Lawrence exhibit is spectacular -- and I had no idea how talented his wife, Gwen Knight, was. Her portraits were superior to many other portrait painers who receive more attention, and she worked with several media throughout her career. Also loved (*loved*) the transitional Pollack piece, which sorta kinda made me want to live in that section.

Go see SAM. It is completely worth it now. Awww, our little city is growing up so fast!

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