Monday, May 21, 2007

So I am a bad person

Dear reader, please forgive these time lapses as of late. I had an interview today and one which requires a three-hour drive tomorrow, and I just can't put it together to write a post tonight. My multitasking skills apparently took a vacation and have no interest in returning. What about the rest of last week? you ask. I had terribly important things to do last week. Like, unwittingly wander into Flowers with some friends, where they were serving three dollar margaritas. All I know is that, six hours later, the conversation devolved into philosophical treatises on the existential behavior of ghost shrimp, and a little while after that we thought it would be brilliant to play DDR. On Expert level. I think I might have broken someone's foot. The aftereffects of that night essentially negated my week.

So, thanks to my interview, I won't be back until late tomorrow night, which means I have no excuse if I don't post Wednesday. Hence, I will. Because I am not...that...lame...yet.

Interesting tidbit to tide you over: it took me as long to fly home from Kansas as it took my best friend to fly to Italy that same day. Why is it that any respectable hotel would be drummed out of business if it double-booked its rooms, yet airlines can double-book seats and act like it's our problem when we complain?

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Kristy said...

Remember, hotels ask for a credit card to guarantee the reservation. If you no-show, they charge you. Airlines don't do that. Yet. People--especially business people--no-show their flight reservations without ever thinking twice. If airlines want to fill those seats--and they need to if they are going to survive--they have to overbook. Maybe it's time for them to take a page from the hoteliers' book and charge full fare for no-shows. Maybe that time has come.

Or maybe yours was a rhetorical question. Sorry. I do get on my box sometimes!

Anyway, welcome back.