Thursday, January 25, 2007

Life lists

Most normal people are in bed at 12:40 am. Me? I make a life list for your reading pleasure. Or mine. I've just realized there are a lot of things I keep saying I should do, but then I forget about them until the next time a bright idea flashes through my head. Now, I have to actually think about doing them. Not necessarily a bad thing.


kristy said...

Keep tutoring inmates? Did I read that right? What the...?

Meg said...

I worked with lifers at Monroe and short & long-term offenders at KCCF. Mostly GED tutoring at KCCF, but sort of a discussion group between Seattle U students and lifers at the other. It pretty much changed my life and certainly made me realize how little anyone actually knows about our incarceration system. Long story, but I'd be happy to write it all down sometime...maybe later today I'll link to a couple of pieces I wrote on it for the Times and the Daily awhile back.