Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Happy Easter from the UK

That uniquely British sense of humor is alive and well in Cambridge.

Actually, I think it's more my sense of humor...excuse me, "humour"...I'm pretty sure you'd find similar cards in the US, but somehow the use of the word "arse" actually makes it funny.

P.S. They still have better chocolate here. That sorry excuse for Cadbury back home? Clearly, like beer, there's a conspiracy going on overseas. We may be the global superpower, but they'll be damned if we're going to have better culinary artery-busters!


Anonymous said...

Love the image! On a somewhat related note, why has it gotten so hard to find hollow Easter bunnies these days? All of the ones I seem to find are solid, and my teeth (and my stomach!) object to dealing with all of that chocolate all at once. I want hollow bunnies; I want hollow bunnies; I want hollow bunnies!! Where have they gone?

Grouching as a good Jew should about the quality and availability of Easter candy on the Eve of Passover,
Your Stanford bud

Meg said...

Hey SB!

Hmmm, I should find a way to send you chocolate, although I don't know how to avoid having it pulverized in the mail...hmmmm...and I think the hollow bunnies succombed to our overly zealous appetites. Why have a hollow one when you can eat a whole freaking pound of chocolate in one sitting?! Ewwwww (*shudder*).

I just realized I owe you a long email, too! Sorry -- things are a little insane right now, but I promise I'll write soon.


Tucker said...

Imagine how much more obese Americans would be if we did have better chocolate. So maybe we are better off...On second thought, my morbidly obese brethren and I demand that this chocolate be brought to us at once!!!! It would be preferable if it were delivered directly to our couches because we don't really feel like getting up, it takes too much energy.

Being completely oblivious to the outside world as I am, I was unaware that the wonderful Easter season and its delicious candy was upon us. However, now that I know I am incredibly bitter because I will not be eating any of this candy. Stupid losing weight crap!!! I don't know why I won't eat candy, it is not like my diet is all that healthy, I almost literally live of PB&J right now with the occasional apple thrown in. Curse you incredibly strange value system!!!

In other news Ndugu, the disgruntled tortoise extraordanaire, had his yearly vet check up and apparently has grown to just about 70g under 1 kg, a weight increase of about 150g. When asked about this massive weight gain Ndugu responded by saying that he felt compelled to eat after being abandoned by his primary providers. This statement was followed by Ndugu tipping over the food dish to help separate the greens from his deliciious fruit before he plunged his head in to chow down.

Bon appetit, my morbidly obese pseudo-tortoise-brother! The sad thing is that Ndugu probably eats better than I do. Well at least I keep up on important Ndugu news unlike that oustide world crap.

Take care and don't eat too much of your delicious chocolate you foul temptress.


Meg said...

See, the nice thing about the chocolate here is that it's better quality, so it's actually better for you than the crap we have back home...besides, dark chocolate's healthy anyway. Okay, it's probably not healthy in the amounts that any of us would prefer to consume, but nonetheless...

I'm deeply disturbed by the latest report of Ndugu's increasing girth. Clearly, you're both going to have to stop feeding him until he shrinks back to an acceptable size. What the hell are we going to do if he outgrows his pool before we get a real house? Glad to hear that he's happy and healthy, though...whimper...

Anonymous said...

hey Meg,
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! and happy easter and happy passover and many other such great events happening these days...too many to follow.
I wish you ALL the best in the years to come. But one thing I do ask you (or maybe i should say, wish you) is to have the energy to keep blogging with such an incredible talent, because it has become a ritual for me to read it every day! and I just love the way you write. It keeps me updated as to what's going on with your life, and it's just bunch of beautiful pieces of prose. you know, William Saroyan once wrote that everyone can write a book, all one needs to do is to write a page a day and they will have a 365 page book at teh end of the year. I think you are WAY ready for publishing your book. Thanks for being so great!
I am fine. Crazy with work. I will do my best to write a little more soon. i am going home (home home, armenia) for 10 days in May, and will try to sit down for a nice update-email. hellos to Bryan.
much love

Meg said...

Aw, Serine, thanks, sweetie! I hope it works depends on how brave I'm feeling and how easily I can turn this stuff into actual coherent sections or chapters or blubs...How great to go home! Enjoy, and we'll look forward to hearing from you. Bryan says hello :).

Anonymous said...

that's an awesome card, meggers.

-berkeley girl