Saturday, April 22, 2006

And now for a happy interlude

I've been a bit too caught up in self-pity lately to report glad tidings and the reason for the big grins above: the spectacular Coalescent Boy received word that his funding came through for the rest of his PhD.

CB is possibly the one reason I'm still standing right now. As the year's progressed, I've found that, more and more often, he's the one who always seems to know what to say when I'm down -- or, if he doesn't know, he still senses what not to say, or what gesture would be just enough to make me feel like smiling. Even when I'm at my worst, he always listens to the grumbling, the crying, the bitching. It's been almost three years since we started dating, and every day the way I feel about him becomes more integral to who I am.

I always shied away from the idea that it was a good thing to make someone part of you, because somehow I associated that with relinquishing my identity, or at least subsuming my life to someone else's. Instead, I've learned that he makes me more of a person. Better. Happier. Braver. Still me, but somehow new and improved.

Congrats again, mi amor. This hasn't been the easiest year, but there's still nowhere else I'd rather be.


kristy said...

Awww--newlyweds! That's so sweet!

Tucker said...

First off I am pretty sure that I the term "genetically inclined" does not ever apply to Bryan unless you are speaking of his studies at school. If anything he is just an overachiever that is all. If I worked as hard as he did I could produce the same results, but I prefer getting pretty good results while half-assing it. I have a 3.75 and most of the time my studying for midterms and finals includes playing video games for at least 5 to 6 times more than the time I actually study.

Secondly you might want to be a little more specific about how he secured the funding. If I didn't already know I would have guessed he just conned our mother out of the rest of the money. ;)

I am glad to hear that Bryan has been able to help you make it throught the tough times. If anything our family is really supportive of each other because we are basically all that we have and we have been through a lot of rough times together. Of course we like to make fun of each other as well. As you already know we are just one small quirky family and we are happy that you are now a part of it.

I hope your field work goes well. School is not slowing down on my end either and each week that goes means that I have one week less to finish all my work. It is definitely going to be a race to the finish. Take care.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Congratulations! Oh, that's just fantastic. Sad for me since it means you'll be out of the country longer, but just terrific nonetheless!!

PS: Since Bosmaijin, I have definitely reconsidered "The Poisonwood Bible" and enjoy reading it once again. I still, however, prefer Barbara Kingsolver's other works over it. Oh, and I don't remember if I mentioned this last time, but her writing style in the essays reminds me a little of yours. Creepy, yes. But I think that's why I like them so much!

Your Moronic Stanford friend who only managed to write 11.5 pages of a 30 page paper this weekend and who has now confined her evenings to the third-or-so level of hell if she wishes to finish.

Meg said...

Dear Moronic Stanford Friend,

Have no fear - your even more idiotic Cambridge amiga managed to blow an entire evening last night -- an evening! -- even though she only has two days left here...

Stupid, stupid, stupid me. I will definitely check out the essays. I've been terrible about reading Kingsolver's work, and I know I'm deficient. :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the PhD funding! It must be such a relief. As a grad student, I understand. Hope you had a nice toast for the occasion.

Now your insane berkeley friend needs to get some sleep, after getting back from the conference in in-the-middle-of-nowhere, insanely-expnsive-to-fly-to Cornell.

-berkeley girl