Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Impromptu survey time

As I contemplate the potentially vast amounts of time stretching out before me next year while el esposo finishes his thesis, I've been turning over an idea in my head. Those of you who know me are well aware that I'm completely obsessed with writing. Up until now, I've never felt I have anything worth saying...and I still don't, but I'm going to force it upon you anyway. So, I'm thinking about taking some of the posts I've written here and using those as the foundation for a book about this year, a tongue-in-cheek examination of what it's really like to go to Cambridge and live in England.

Thoughts? Yays or nays? Any volunteer readers/editors willing to review bits and pieces over the next year or so? (Hey, it doesn't hurt to ask...)


Anonymous said...

Yes, Yes, YES! That's a fantastic idea. I've been telling you for way too long that you should write a book - heck, I'd buy it for sure (as long as the author agreed to autograph it, of course...)! And, if you need any readers, I'm up for the job!

-- Your rain-drenched Stanford chum (it's starting to feel like Washington here...)

Meg said...

Yay! :) It may take awhile (as in, must survive thesis first), but maybe you'll have something fun to do in the middle of third-year chaos.

Raining in Stanford?? Seriously, something climatic has gone awry...we actually saw the sun here for about 2 hours, but then someone reminded the weather that it's supposed to be Proper English Weather, and it immediately reverted to cold and overcast with plenty of drizzle

Anonymous said...

I vote for cute chubby birds and puppies.

--el esposo

Tucker said...

I guess that is an okay idea, but I would much rather read a book that contained a lot peace and hippy jokes and a little alien, or a book about a panda who wants to become a mime, or maybe even a book about a whale with a funny tail(you could call it Fluke: The Tale of a Whale)... wait a minute those ideas sound familar for some reason.

In all seriousness though that sounds like a great idea. Unfortunately (or fortunately as may be the case) I will not be offering my services as an editor because quite frankly I am terrible with the English because it is really my second language after mathematics (somewhere far off a shrill cry of "my glasses" was just let loose). However, if you do need someone to help make up puns I could be of great assistance there.

You could also write about the troubling weather patterns as well because the last few days have been bright and sunny in Seattle. It took many hours for the residents here to remember that the glowing orb in the sky was not a sign of impending doom. Luckily the pre-apocalyptic riots that occurred did minimal damage to the city before sanity was restored.

I hope everything is going well.

--The Howie that is big in all the ways that really count

P.S. I know it maybe tempting to steal my book ideas, but you better not because... well... I don't really have a good threat to put here, but you can use your imagination.