Tuesday, March 21, 2006

All Creatures...

Folks back home probably know about Mooie already.

In another demonstration of the benevolence of humankind, someone hurt this four month-old puppy bad enough for vets to euthanize her on the spot. The story is back in the news after Pasado's Safe Haven (one of our best animal rescue agencies) blew the whistle on the investigating agencies. They deny they've botched efforts to find the perpetrator, but it sounds pretty questionable, particularly since this is precisely the kind of crime that indicates the aggressor is capable of doing equally brutal things to other people.

The photos at Pasado's are terrible, but maybe posting them will catalyze people to lobby en masse for action. I won't post the direct link, but you can visit their website here and click on the banner at the top if you're inclined -- it's hard to miss. Poor baby girl. If you have a pet, would you cuddle it for me tonight? I feel the need to reassure something that most of us aren't monsters, but my resident flock disdains any contact with humans beyond what's needed to scatter breakfast on the ground. I can't say that I blame them.

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