Monday, January 23, 2006

Zen student

Please, please forgive me, Berkeley girl, for misusing the word "zen." I know you get annoyed with people who adopt Buddhism-related monikers and completely misuse them, but I admit that I'm suffering from a lack of originality tonight...degrade my karma later. ;)

Anyway, if you're feeling stressed out about student life, damn, do I have a combination for you: acupuncture and yoga (the slow, "hold that pose 'til your legs collapse" kind). I've had a few acupuncture treatments now, and I actually feel like I spend the hours after treatment floating six inches off the ground. I just spent two grueling hours holding tree poses and twisting my arms between my legs and behind my back -- and I feel amazing...

...which is good, as this is officially the Term from Hell, circa Dante's seventh or eighth circle. I have three major papers due between now and March 3rd, in addition to planning my fieldwork for May and surviving an eight week, mandatory statistics course. Gosh, Auntie Em, grad school sure is wholesome fun! No wonder absinthe is legal here.

Off to bed for me, where I've no doubt my blissful, post-yoga state of mind will evolve into a brutal, post-yoga sludge of budy by tomorrow morning.

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Anonymous said...

Berkeley girls forgives you, as Buddhists are supposed to be very compassionate.

When not complimenting herself on her successful execution of recipes requiring tofu and fake meat, Berkeley girl makes feeble attempts to exercise that virtue herself.

-berkeley girl