Friday, March 11, 2005

Woof woof woof woof!

Two down, one to go - we eked out a win over Stanford, 63-66. Now comes Arizona in the final tomorrow - a difficult prospect, since we have played two tough games in two days, while Zona blew out OSU today and spent the last half of the game cooling their heels. I still can't believe I've become so addicted to college basketball, but I think it's because it includes everything that other sports lack: it is fast-paced, the halves are short, the games are always lively, and the players (at least the Dawgs) are actually likeable. No after-hours scandals! It's also refreshing to watch a bunch of little guys beat up on the big players from other teams, although I still find it difficult to believe that 6'5" is "little."

I took a walk from Fremont to the U-District today in the hopes that fresh air would clear out my lingering flu bug. Slowly, I am realizing how much I will miss this city, how its pulse has become a part of my own. By going to England, I hope to be home that much sooner so I can return to the streets I know so well. This is the first time in my somewhat nomadic existence that I have been able to develop a sense of place; whenever I cycle down the Burke Gilman and see the houseboats bobbing lazily along the water, I feel like an essential component of the city, a small tooth in its ever rotating gears. More on that later...

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Kelli said...

Yay! I can finally leave a comment! Okay first of all... very cool blog. I love it :) And congrats on the husky basketball team... i'll give you guys credit for that ;) although we'll still kick your butt in football hehe I'm going to miss you so much when you go to england! i think you should stay here.. you know keep with the small tooth in the ever rotating gears feeling :) oh! thank you for the ecard! i loved it :) that was my first gift i got :) anyways, i'm off to my first latin dance teaching class... so i'll chat wit ya later!