Friday, March 18, 2005

Moving daze

We're about a month away from the move to Snohomish, and I'm starting to think about what feasibly can be lugged to England. It's strange to look at the trappings of domestic life I've accumulated and think that it will all be gathering dust soon; I'll miss my incredibly comfy couch (go, Craigslist) and the beautiful table our friends painted. It won't be the same without our three towering bookshelves, or without our grumpy tortoise kicking up a storm in his indoor jungle. I don't even think I'll be able to bring most of my CDs, jewelry or books with me -- how could I ever find the space or money to send them?

Guess moving across the sea really does require one to start from square one. I feel like I should be done with that -- I did it freshman year at Seattle U, then two years later when I secured my first apartment. How many times will I have to purchase all new bathroom supplies, pots and pans, sheets and towels?

One thing I know: my photos of friends and family are coming. It will be comforting to see them smiling down from my walls when the cold UK rain is too chilly to bear, or when I wish I could share my excitement with someone who knew me back when I was a wide-eyed undergrad without a clue about where I was headed. Damn, I think I might still be that girl. :)

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