Thursday, March 17, 2005

Double standard

One other thing. Already, the net is heating up with articles about how our game against Montana opens our seeding up to even more questions about whether it was merited. Yet, Kentucky barely survives a game against its 15th-seeded in-state rival, and no one says a damn thing about how they must be completely overrated, too. Oh, the privilege of being a regular in the tournament.

I hope Saturday and next week shut the naysayers up for awhile.

Current bracket count: 2 misses with Alabama (unlike the product, they don't get the job done) and Iowa.


Bryan said...

Try not to get too upset about it - if there's one thing this year's Huskies understand, it's that talk is cheap and championships are won by committed teams on the court, not by belligerent blowhards in internet chatrooms. They'll come out fighting against Pacific and whomever else they face down the road. They do have a nasty habit of playing down to a weak opponent's level, but let's bear a couple points in mind:

1. Boise was NOT a neutral site today - far from it. Everyone loves an underdog, and the crowd (including a strong cadre of Pacific fans) was stoutly behind the Grizzlies.

2. The final score makes things look closer than they were. In truth, Montana never mounted a serious challenge against the Huskies. Sure, they hung in there, and when you add a couple lucky 3-pointers at the end of the game (one of them frickin' BANKED!), it looks like the game was neck-and-neck...but it wasn't. The Dawgs held a solid 15-point lead for most of the game, and they did what any 1-seed should: they collected points at opportune times and responded quickly to fend off every threat. This game was never in doubt.

Let the self-anointed pundits bitch all they want about our seed; we'll see what they have to say when we cut down the nets in St. Louis.

Meg said...

Yeah, I figured it was an easier win than it only real concern is that if we do screw up at all, we won't have the fortune to be a Duke or a Kansas who just gets to hear, "Oh, the misfortune!" for a few days. Instead, it will get shoved in our faces for a long time.

Dem's da breaks, I realize, but it would be nice to avoid that scenario altogether. Pac isn't going to be a neutral court, either, so let's just hope we show 'em what we can do.