Monday, February 19, 2007

Constantly unfolding

Keeping busy is the name of the game these days, so I'm taking photography classes next month and starting a shoreline naturalist training program a little later. Not a lot else going on, but these did show up at work a few days ago:

He's a very smart boy. Not only are these flowers beautiful (and fragrant), but they're also sustainably harvested:

We aren't usually big on Valentine's Day, but this year I couldn't wait for a little bit of romance. Flowers and gifts do make a difference sometimes, especially when you know they put some thought into the why of the gift.

I've also discovered that we're a source of inspiration, which anyone who knows us should find unsettling. The maniacs wreaking havoc at Crate and Barrel? Inspiring? But I've had several friends tell me recently that whenever they're despairing over their LDRs, all they have to do is think of us. Presto! Instant mood elevator. Sure, this sucks, but at least we're not Eco and CB! These friends have spurred me to set a new goal: find a friend whose partner is even further away, ideally in a country where U.S. citizens can't enter legally.

Hmmm. Anybody know any couples separated by an ocean or two for at least three years?


joanium said...

Chinese couples are regularly separated for that long. My Chinese teacher told me that back in the day, the Government would allocate you to different jobs, not necessarily in the same part of the country as your spouse. She was bewildered that Westerners had trouble believing that she could have a meaningful relationship with her husband, having lived in different countries for 10 years.

I have collected stories of successful LDRs. One I know lasted for five years. They finally got married last year. Another lasted for, oh, six years. I believe they're still going (with exciting plans of being together this year).

Kid Sis said...

Glad he's treating you well!

Umm...inspiring couples...Austen's Persuasion?