Monday, September 25, 2006


We're off on the honeymoon together, embarking from home around 6am to catch our morning flight to Trieste. (I do so love budget airline timetables.) I should have a real internet connection when I return, which means I will be able to post trip accounts right away...assuming we can find the ethernet cable under all of the boxes and miscellaneous belongings we haven't put away yet. I'm thinking about taking all of the random stuff and turning it into postmodern art: the final scene of Hamlet as depicted in two-pence coins and excess glassware, for example.

The trip is partially planned (e.g., three of 12 nights booked), just the way we like it. All should be well, provided we can learn how to pronounce mysterious phrases like, "Gdje je najbliĹža tramvajska stanica?" I think that has something to do with finding the nearest rail station. Mispronouncing it might result in being directed to a highly interesting species of gull.

Yes, I invented the last bit. I hope.

Regular communication will resume sometime after October 9th. Until then, zbogom!

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