Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Thesis progress


1. I'm now done with the massive revisions of 2 major sections. Yes, yes, I do despise the very sight of them.

2. The third major section, the research methods chapter, is but an outline on the Fujitsu. Work on it commences tomorrow from the corner window stool of a certain local coffee house. ("Work", as in, rereading all the articles I don't remember and consulting an old paper to see what I said I'd do on this part.)

3. Most of my tables, maps and figures are finally done, although I still have one substantial conceptual map to build, and I need to track down current and historical numbers on pollutants so I can visually depict the river's condition via a jaw-dropping chart.

4. I have to go back to my introduction to see if what I said I'd write about bears any resemblance to what I've done.

5. I need to create a timeline for the PhD work I don't intend to do, becuase under the guidelines here I'm still expected to fake it.

6. I need to write a conclusion. As it always has been, this small, relatively insubstantial portion of the paper is the part I most dread.

7. I need to maintain a steady tempo for the next five weeks, regardless of how tired I'm feeling or how annoyed I am with the work.

8. I still need to find time to go to the gym, continue rowing, and occasionally read something that doesn't involve environmental governance or riparian conflicts.

9. Oh hell, I need to add one extra bit into the section I just finished, the one that's already about 700 words too long.

10. First, since it's about 90 degrees out, I think I should probably go sit in the shade and...um..."brainstorm" a few ideas for the new section. Yeah, napp -- I mean, brainstorming, sounds really good.

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