Monday, July 03, 2006

Seriously, this sucks

The aforementioned meeting resulted in 10,000 words or so of my thesis draft due to the advisor by Wednesday...and I'm suffering from the worst case of "can't untangle my fieldwork to write about it"-itis I've ever had. I'm 4000 words or so away from done and I've spent most of the day staring at my computer in absolute frustration and agony.

And to help that writer's block, my examiner's comments for my other program papers came in today. Not bad, but not what I wanted, so that sort of threw any remaining will to succeed out the window.

Back after Wednesday.


Kid Sis said...

For god's sake, don't procrastinate by visiting my site again!

Mush! Mush!

kristy said...

4000 words? You can do 4000 words. Seriously--probably in your sleep. You are going to be just fine. Hang in there!