Saturday, September 24, 2005


Aw yeah, first drunk night in England...shouldn't blog like this, but oh well.

Went punting this morning after indulging in too-delectable camembert-and-tomato croissants (hard to explain: picture large pole, cumbersome boat, lots of amateurs falling into the river while bemused spectators take pictures). Didn't fall in -- probably because Coalescent Boy steered -- but we felt like pros by the end as we basked in the sun-soaked river while ducks swam past.

Found WD-40 and shower squeegees: a triumph you cannot understand. The equivalent of discovering the Holy Grail.

Enjoyed a lovely trip through the official university shop: oh, wooly college scarfs, how I love thee. Am so embarrassed by what I'd love to purchase there.

Found an out-of-the-way, non-smoking pub in Camford which is now our second home. Spent hours playing Uno and Chess. Were the only Americans in the entire place for the duration of our stay -- I will go back time and again for this very reason. Curiously bitter tap beers, along with mysterious ciders and other ambers...

Love it. Lots of drunk girls in miniskirts and 3" heels staggering around Cam central as we went home. New Hall? Quiet as a mouse. :) Particularly enjoyed the guitar player in the garbage can, strumming out the bin as passerbys stared in wonder. Great stuff.

Have said "cheers" and "good on yeh" to more people than I care to admit.

Today was a good day.

By the way, it's kinda funny that people find me by using google UK to search for "lauden wainwright bbc."

Gotta love the internet. Gotta love English bitters.

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