Sunday, September 11, 2005

Coup de grace

Yeah, the posts are going to be a little sporadic between now and the end of the month -- we depart in four days, and then my orientation schedule becomes all-consuming to the point where I'll be lucky to write "I'm not dead!" once in awhile...however, I'm trying to transfer 311 albums onto ITunes, so I have time right now.

I can't believe this was my final weekend in Washington, at least for a little while. It was so surreal; the most routine things became cause for reflection, like, "Hey, that may be the last angry, slightly drunk young guy in a big, mud-splattered pickup who screams obscenities at me when I bike past him!"

Last night, my family took us to the Purple Cafe, a fabulously snooty wine bar that seems completely out of place in my corner of the state. Their baked brie is worth the price of my future firstborn. And that chardonnay? Somehow, I have to convince FedEx to start a hot meals program to the underprivleged UK; without real peanut butter, baked brie and good vegan food, I may perish before winter arrives.

Tomorrow, I face the challenging task of packing my suitcases: one is already stuffed beyond its capacity, zippers straining to accomodate mountains of clothing in vacuum-sealed bags (dear god, please let the TSA security personnel refrain from sadistically ripping into those plastic packages when they know I have no vacuum at hand to staunch the flow of clothes that will erupt from their innards...). I've also smashed in a handful of personal belongings, including my Che and Fidel figurines (oh, Cuba...), my stuffed Husky (which seems to have shriveled after this week's stunning football performance), and my tea which happens to resemble pot. The warm coats, underwear and pants may have to wait for a nice post office to deliver them -- hey, at least I'll make a lasting impression among my new classmates. I'm still trying to figure out how I can meet British Air's 11-pound maximum carry-on limit when I have a laptop, an IPod, a few computer accessories, a folder full of entry requirement papers, a book, toiletries, and a freaking gigantic, chiropractor-prescribed pillow to stuff into my little bag. Of course, it could be worse: Bryan has an entire bike to disassemble and stuff in with his possessions. Erm...

By the way, go read Ellington Way right now. I don't really care what you're doing because it can't be more worthwhile. You can get a month's worth of strips on the site.

'Ta for now, but more to come...

P.S. -- (New favorite word? Podagra, or "gout, especially of the big toe." Who knew there was a word for that??)

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