Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Things I am tired of right now

1. LDRs and the accompanying time zone differences that mean we miss scheduled conversations whenever one of us accidentally sleeps late, which means talking only twice each week instead of three times
2. The US health "care" system, which has decided that my thyroid problem is my fault and therefore I deserve no insurance unless my employer makes them cover me
3. My employer's crappy health insurance, which does not cover physical therapy
4. My apparently-defective-since-birth spine, which desperately needs physical therapy so I don't have another Saturday like the last one, in which I spent four hours on a friend of a friend's floor trying not to cry

Sorry. Bad week. Would very much like to skip ahead to my thirties now.


Anonymous said...

Hang in there, chica. I, too, am about ready to "lose it," so I certainly relate. There must be something about the mid-20s that screams to fate: "Try to crush me!" I think fate is taking great pleasure in attempting to meet that challenge...

~Your sleep-deprived friend in NY

Kristy said...

Buck up there now. Things are bound to get better, aren't they? Does the cat at least still love you (at least as much as a cat is capable of loving his serving wench)? Yeah, I thought so.