Monday, August 06, 2007

Happy together

Because I can't bring myself to write about work or life, let's go for more distractions: kitty pictures! You know you want 'em.

I'd entertain you with tortoise pictures, too, but my poor boy can't be with me right now. There's just no room for a giant pool in any place I can afford...sigh. Soon, soon I'll have both our babies under the same roof.

Don't mind the crazy green eyes. His pupils don't contract, thanks to a congenital defect that leaves him partially blind. Poor guy went to the vet and failed the vision test completely -- we tossed cotton balls at him, and they bounced off his face. He's also fallen off the couch a few times, thinking he had more room to walk. Is it wrong to laugh at your embarrassed cat because their shame is so cute?


Kristy said...

So when are we gonna get LOLCAT captions?

Auglaise said...

Hey, you can never argue with gratituous cat pictures! Besides, he's just so lovely. ^_^

ecogrrl said...

Argh! No captions. :)

Auglaise: thanks, dear!