Thursday, July 12, 2007

Bound to make you crazy if you let it

Man, I just have a knack for positioning myself Current job (aka "Paying My Dues") goes something like this:

8:30 Get to work after terrifying drive through Portland traffic. Contemplate biking, then think about the 17 near-misses one has had since 8:15. Decide to continue driving and to increase auto insurance.
8:45 Check email. Feel frightened by size of inbox.
8:47 Email interrupted by request from co-worker for some aspect of the project you've never heard of until now.
8:51 Continue reading email until other entry-level person comes in, since she's the only one who can tell you what the heck the first person meant.
9:01 Rapidly assemble packet of materials for an afternoon outreach presentation that no one remembered to tell you about until now.
9:17 Rapidly dissemble packet after being told this one wouldn't look quite like the others.
9:24 Rapidly hurl packet through vacuum-sealed office windows after finding out about yet another change.
9:32 Hold head in hands.
10:14 Chase all three levels of people needed to approve changing "freeway" to "highway" in a document which approximately four people will read.
10:51 Discover you are scheduled to work every weekend from July 21 to September 4. Give up on finishing novel until sometime in the spring of 2011. Also give up cooking, long workouts, and personal hygiene.
11:05 Realize you never followed up on that first co-worker's request. She has now had to do it herself. And she hates you.

It's actually not that bad -- although my schedule is about that crazy, the fantastic, supportive coworkers help quite a bit. Nevertheless, it is definitely making me think that a career in government/private industry is not what I want to pursue. For months, I've had the idea of returning to school to become a librarian, and now I'm leaning even more in that direction for a multitude of personal and professional reasons. Still, I don't want to give up on environmental policy just yet, even if what I'm doing isn't as related as I'd hoped. Fortunately, until CB returns, I'm here doing this. So, by my estimation, I have at least 7.21 minutes to contemplate my life's work between now and when he graduates next winter. That should be plenty.


Kristy said...

The library thing. I don't want to rain on your parade, but if your long-term dream is to work in the Seattle area, you should know that King County Libraries went through a re-organization almost two years ago that resulted in an incredible surplus of certified librarians in this area. God knows how long it will take all those folks to be reabsorbed into the job market. Maybe it's not as bad as I think it may be, but do your homework before committing to more grad school.

ecogrrl said...

Hm, I'm not necessarily thinking public librarian -- perhaps academic or even cataloger...but I interviewed a couple of Seattle librarians who said the market is actually good right now, at least in the city. I've heard the same thing about librarians in general, but that's interesting. What I like about the MLIS is the flexibility to do a lot of different things with it. we'll see, I guess!