Saturday, May 13, 2006

Rove going down?

The blogosphere is afire with word that Karl Rove has been indicted -- and that dear old, trigger-happy Dickie might be next.

Do you think this means we'll actually dip below 29% on the approval ratings?

Seriously, peeps, how many people in this administration need to be indicted before we wake up and see that there's no imaginable way for Bush to be innocent in all of this? Unless he is as stupid as some of us think...key officials in multiple positions are now being or have been brought up on charges that make Clinton's little tryst pale in comparison. (...And yes, I still stand by my argument that his lie is A LOT LESS OFFENSIVE to the American public than Bush's lies about the war. Hello, how many people died because of Monica Lewinsky??)

Take down Rove and Cheney, and that White House is going to lose some of its most important people. Sure, those two have been operating under the radar lately, but you know they're still instrumental in running the show. Can you say "Worst President Ever"??

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